Welcome to Human Interest Advisors.

Human Interest Advisors LLC (HIA) is a registered investment adviser offering advisory services to Human Interest 401(k) and 403(b) plans and participant clients. 

HIA offers advisory services through the selection, construction, and oversight of diversified plan investment menus via a digital platform where mutual fund allocations are recommended based on participant risk profiles.

HIA solutions

With a singular focus on helping employees at small and medium-sized businesses meet their retirement goals, the solutions HIA helps to deliver include:

  • Online investment advice, including automated quarterly rebalancing and automated risk adjustments as plan participants approach retirement for those that utilize HIA’s Model Portfolios. 

  • Investment Advisory Services/Investment Management, including investment selection/fund monitoring, model portfolios covering a spectrum of risk preferences, and the application of a risk questionnaire to help ensure recommended model portfolios suit participants’ preferences and needs. 

  • Investment advice, including website and in-product content for participants in plans supported by Human Interest. Read more about our investment philosophy.

Important information

Advisory services are offered by Human Interest Advisors LLC, a registered investment adviser and subsidiary of Human Interest Inc. More information can be found at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov 

Contact us

Additional information can also be obtained by contacting Human Interest at:

Human Interest Advisors LLC

655 Montgomery St, Suite 1800

San Francisco, CA 94111

(855) 622-7824