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Tools to (k)ickstart™ your retirement

Start saving for your retirement dreams with:

  • 3% cash back1 on contributions made in your Human Interest 401(k) (limitations apply)

  • Free access to (k)ickstart™ classroom, our free 10-part education series with bite-sized videos and curated content

  • A mobile-optimized, streamlined 401(k) experience 

  • Access to our award-winning support team2

Get 3% cash back

Get a (k)ickstart™ today

Many worry that setting aside money for retirement means they’ll miss it today. But to get the decades of life you want, you’ll need to take retirement saving seriously—and Human Interest wants to help.

Little differences add up

You’ve likely heard you should start saving as early as possible. Here’s why: Someone 25 and making $52,000 and saving 8% a year might end up with $1 million at retirement.

Compare that to someone who earns the same but waits, starting 10 years later could mean having roughly half as much ($500,000).3

Get 3% cash back

(k)ickstart™ your retirement savings habit

Getting started is hard, especially if you’ve never had a retirement account before. We created the 3% cash back offer1 (up to $250, see terms) for first-time savers making roughly the average US salary or less.4 We can help you get on the path to saving for a financially secure retirement.

Get 3% cash back

Why we’re doing this

We believe that everyone deserves access to powerful retirement savings tools. But access to a way to save at work isn’t always enough. 

In the last decade, access to retirement plans at work has increased - covering an additional 6.5 million people.5 But the portion of people taking advantage of tax-saving opportunities did not. We want to change that.

We created (k)ickstart™ by Human Interest to help turn potential savers into savvy savers. Are you ready to (k)ickstart™ your future? 

Details of the program



Human Interest was awarded the "Silver Stevie Award" medal in the 2023 American Business Awards for "Achievement in Customer Satisfaction." Winners were determined by the average scores of more than 240 professionals worldwide in the three-month judging process. Read more about the winning organizations: http://stevieawards.com/aba/2023-stevie-award-winners and criteria for the award here: https://stevieawards.com/aba/judging-awards-process. American Business Awards are registered trademarks of Stevie Awards, Inc. Stevie Awards, Inc. is not affiliated with Human Interest. This recognition is not indicative of Human Interest’s future performance.


For illustrative purposes only. Projection assumes: 1) A participant earns $52,000 per year until their expected retirement at age 67, and 2) their contributions/investment grow at a longer-term annual growth rate of 7% per year based on the expected long-term average return of a 60/40 portfolio, per Vanguard. Does not adjust for inflation. Comparing a participant who starts contributing 8% of their paycheck each pay period at age 25 vs. one who starts at age 35, and the difference it may make on their portfolio account balance at expected retirement. This information is not intended to be investment advice. Actual results will vary. Investing involves risk, including the loss of principal.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median national wage is $57,200 per year. Plan participants making $60,000 or less and deferring at least 8% over a 12-month period are eligible for 3% cash back (minimum $100, maximum $250) on Human Interest. Terms apply.


2013; 2022 Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data reflect private industry workers regarding their access and participation in defined contribution plans. The take-up rate is calculated from the unrounded percentage of workers with access to a plan and who participate in the plan. There are roughly 130 million people in the private-sector workforce at year-end 2022. An additional 5% of the private-sector workforce gained access to a retirement plan, equating to roughly 6.5 million people.


This program is administered and offered by the recordkeeper, Human Interest Inc. ("HII"). HII's subsidiary and Registered Investment Adviser, Human Interest Advisors' asset-based fees will increase if a plan participant participates in the program.

This content has been prepared for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as tax, legal, or individualized investment advice. Investing involves risk, including risk of loss. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Human Interest Inc. does not provide tax, legal, or individualized investment advice. Consult an appropriate professional regarding your situation. The views expressed are subject to change. In the event third-party data and/or statistics are used, they have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable; however, we cannot guarantee their accuracy or completeness.